Wired Security

Night Owl’s HD and Analog security systems help you keep an eye on your world.

Welcome to Night Owl's World of Wired Security! Night Owl’s Wired technology uses a secure hardwired connection for true CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and provides uninterrupted viewing and recording with no delays. With resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD and innovative detection technology, we have quickly become the first choice in the United States for Wired Analog and High Definition (HD) video security systems. Whether you need one surveillance camera or an entire kit, our systems are sure to fit your needs.

Not sure where to start? Don't know what type of recorder and surveillance camera you need? Typically, selecting the right type of system depends on your coverage needs and budget. For some, a smaller system with a surveillance camera or two provides the security they require. Others may need more cameras spread out over several locations. The chart below breaks down the differences between a Wired DVR and an NVR. Keep in mind that Night Owl's recorders offer the ability to record locally to an HDD (hard disk drive) without the need for an Internet connection. Capable of recording 24/7, our wired systems offer multiple recording modes and provide remote viewing (Internet connection needed) via our free mobile Apps. No matter your choice of recorder, surveillance camera, and system, Night Owl is here to help you Secure, Protect, and Connect your world.
Compare Wired Security wired dvr systems example wired nvr systems example
Stands For Digital Video Recorder Network Video Recorder
4K (8MP)
2K (4MP)
2MP (1080p)
Types of Cameras BNC Connected Digital IP (Internet Protocol)
Cabling BNC Coaxial Cable (1 per Camera) Ethernet Cable (1 per Camera)
Install Requires Cable Installation Requires Cable Installation
Maximum Cable Run Length 300 ft. (per Camera) 1,000 ft. (per Camera)
True Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)
Internet Required for Local Viewing X X
Internet Required for Remote Viewing
How can I view the Cameras? TV/Monitor, Smartphone, Tablet or Computer TV/Monitor, Smartphone, Tablet or Computer
Motion Alerts
Where are the recordings stored? Pre-Installed Hard Drive (HDD) Pre-Installed Hard Drive (HDD)
Compatible with Wireless Cameras? X X
What's right for you?
PROs America's #1 Wired Security DVR/Camera Brand Unparalleled Image Clarity
More Affordable Solution Reduced Cable Clutter
Backwards Compatible with Existing CCTV Structure Possible Off-Site Storage
Reduced False Alerts with our Dual Sensor Technology Equipped with Digital IP Cameras
No Monthly Fees No Monthly Fees
Kit Includes Everything Needed for Setup Kit Includes Everything Needed for Setup
CONs No Off-Site Setup More Expensive Solution
Not A One Cable Solution Not Compatible with Analog, AHD or TVI Cameras
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